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 Business Intelligence:  Overview

Integration, Storage and Management of Data

Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)

Data Storage and Data Flow

Data Analysis and Planning

Online Analytical Processing

Data Mining

Business Planning

Tools for Accessing and Visualizing

Query Design

Web Application Design

Publishing BI Content


Data Warehousing

The Data Warehouse Concept

Using a Data Warehouse

Architecture of a Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Building and Running a Data Warehouse

Data Warehousing Workbench –


Data Flow in the Data Warehouse

Data Acquisition

Source Systems

Step-by-Step: Data Model for SAP/NON-SAP

Namespaces for BI Objects

Creating Catalogs/Info Areas

Creating Characteristics

Creating Key Figures

Creating Info Cubes

Creating DSO’s

Creating Data Sources for Master Data

Creating Data Sources for Transaction Data

Creating Transformations For Master Data

Creating Transformations for Infi Cubes / DSO’s

Creating Master Data directly in the System

Loading Master Data for Characteristic

Loading Transaction Data

Data Flow Display

Persistent Staging Area

Remodeling Info Providers

BI Content

Error Analysis in Transformations

Routines in Transformations

Migration of Update Rules, 3.x Info

Sources, and Transfer Rules

Old Transformation Concept

Rule Type

Aggregation Type

Rule Group

Info Sets

Data Distribution

Data Transfer Process

Data Mart Interface

Open Hub Service

Data Warehouse Management

Performance Optimization in Data


Process Chains: Local/Metachain

Remote Process Chains

Jobs Scheduling in Source and BW/BI


Monitor for Extraction Processes and

Data Transfer Processes

Administration of Info Providers

Administration of BI Metadata Search

Transporting BI Objects, and Creating,

Delivering and Copying BI

BI Statistics

BI Background Management , Logs and


Clients in BW

Naming Conventions for Background Jobs

BI Suite: Business Explorer

Query Design: BEx Query Designer

BEx Web

Analysis & Reporting: BEx Analyzer

General Analysis Functions in BEx

General Services in BEx

Information Broadcasting

Integration Content from BI into the


Error Handling in ECC and Additional Information
Additional Stuff

Introduction to Business Objects

Interview Tips

Resume Preparation

Mock Interviews

Project Work

Performance Problems and Solutions
Security & Authorizations
In ECC System
Introduction to ECC System
Configurations in ECC System for BW/BW
Data Extraction
Types of DataSources
Installation of DataSources
Configuration of DataSources
LO Lockpit Configuration
LO Lockpit Customization
DataSource Enhancements
Generic Extractors/DataSources


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